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how to punctuate quotations in statements - dummies. no longer requires indicating the omission of internal quotation marks.
2( f) provides guidance on the use of internal quotation marks. 1( f) requires the omission of all geographical terms that follow a comma. order of parentheticals has been changed to reflect the removal of the " internal quotation marks omitted" and " available at" parentheticals: 3. 2( b) provides additional guidance for citing a range of pages and a single footnote within the range in the same citation: 3.
remember that any direct quote of 50 words or more should be offset from the text as a block quote. see bluebook rule 5. things to remember about block quotes: don’ t start/ end the quote with quotation marks; any internal quotes should be double quotes; only indent the quote if the quote itself is the beginning of a paragraph. 12 days ago · commissioner, 89 t.
357, bluebook “ does not directly represent the views of the legislators or an explanation available to them when acting on the bill” ) ( internal quotation marks and citations omitted). has removed extraneous, non- substantive material such as brackets, quotation marks, ellipses, footnote numbers, and internal citations, has changed capitalization without indicating the changes, and; has made changes that enhance readability while otherwise faithfully reproducing the. there should be no space between the last word and the final punctuation.
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